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#6 week 29

Feeling HUGE!!!  My iron is low and so have to take 2 tablets a day to increase it.  We have all had colds/coughs this week and so my energy is fairly low… and I can’t have caffeine :-(.  Baby moving heaps, and Derek can feel it.  Doesn’t want to move for the kids though.  Gubbs has been the only one to feel a good squirm!

Beginning to plan for the birth, cooking extra meals (or planning to cook them!) and sorting through kids wardrobes to get rid of excess clothes.  Have had to put away sizes 1, 3 and 4 now.  Jordy and Gubbs are both in size 5, Zi in size 6 and Eli size 7!  Zeek is size 2.  Weighed Jordy and Gubbs last week and they both weighed 21 kgs!  It’s like having twins!

Zeek has settled down a lot now.  He loves the new trike we got for him and rides it around saying ‘go, go, go!!’.  He has stopped napping during the day and so goes to bed around 7pm – yay!!  He gets cranky at about 5pm, but I give him dinner early and then put the obsessive Wiggies on for him and this tends to keep me sane!

Can’t believe that we have an 8, 61/2, 5 and 4 year old now.  It only seems like yesterday that we had 4 under four.  I am really enjoying the gaps we have had between Jordy and Zeek and this one.  Three under 4 1/2 is so much nicer :-).  Can’t believe Zi was 2 1/2 when Jordy was born and that Zeek will be the same age (with no other younger sibling!) when this little one arrives.  I now understand why people would say ‘how do you do it?’ and ‘your hands are full aren’t they?’.  Even though those statements still drive me mad!!

I am really looking forward to having a newborn in the house again, and to breastfeeding.  Good thing there’s only 11 weeks to go!!

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Zeek is now 2 years old!!!   He is an energetic boy (to say the least!).  Full of life and excitement and cheekiness.  He is a biter, a screamer, a climber, a hitter and now a thrower.  Though he is gorgeous and is slowly gaining some self control. He loves packing things away and knows where things go better than his older siblings!

He is a strong boy.  Able to climb trailers, monkey bars, walls (yes literally!!!)…..  He will use his arms to lift himself up on things instead of his legs.  I think he’s getting better at chin ups than his Dad!!!  He can pedal a bike backwards (if he can reach the pedals!), but not forwards yet.

He can talk in short sentences sometimes up to 4-5 words.  Some recent ones are ‘mummy arrow got ball’,  ‘more push please mama’.  He calls drinks ‘water milk’, ‘water juice’ and ‘mummy milk’.

We’re battling to settle him at nights at the moment.  He can climb out of his cot and doesn’t want the door shut anymore.  He will scream for ages for me!  Luckily though, when he finally goes to sleep, he sleeps all night!  He is getting his second molar through, so we’ll see what happens after it finally erupts!

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These past week has been all about teeth in our house!!  I had my wisdom teeth out on Wednesday, which was a long time coming.  I originally booked to have them out over two years ago.  The day before, I had a suspicion I was pregnant, and lo and behold… I was!  Zeek was born eight months later, and I still had my wisdom teeth!  I had to cancel everything with the dentist, thank goodness they were great about it!  This time, I was not pregnant! The dentist said they were a lot easier to extract than they had thought, so it was quick, cheaper and painless during (I was under IV sedation), but hurt afterward.  I slept off the anaesthetic that day and was fine the next day, though still on painkillers!

Eli is missing his two front teeth.  He lost one a couple of weeks ago and lost the second at football last week.  He felt it in his mouth and took it out and handed it to Daddy!  He cashed in three teeth with the toothfairy (one he swallowed ages ago, the other had been in my purse after losing it at playgroup, and the most recent one!).  The toothfairy was very generous giving him $10 and some fairy dust.  Gubbs woke up the next morning and proclaimed (quite loudly) that he had met the toothfairy that night.  He asked her where she got the fairy dust from and she said that she grinds the teeth up and uses it as fairy dust!  Apparently she is very little, with wings and a beautiful dress. Yep, he definitely met her!  Eli has said that he is saving up for a Nintendo DS with his money….  so much for a robot!

Zeek has been getting his molars for about 6 months now.  The bottom two got really swollen and bruised and then went down and no teeth appeared for about 3 months.  All four molars have come through over the past three/four weeks.  He wakes in the night when they first cut through (which happened to be the night after I had my wisdom teeth out!) and then he’s fine, maybe a bit clingy.

So, if you are wondering what we have been doing lately, that’s basically it!  We have also been fitting in some homeschooling and began a new spelling programme, but that’s for another post!!

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It’s been too long since I have blogged :-(.  So what have we been up to in the last two months, well, here it goes!

We have started using Sue Patrick’s Workbox system.  It has had its ups and downs, but we have decided to stick with it for now.  Eli loves them.. He will happily work his way through all twelve with very little break (even eating lunch while doing activities!).  Zi started off hating them, but has now realised that they contain lots of fun things to work towards and is enjoying them a lot.  Gubbs and Jordy don’t mind either way, and I don’t make it necessary for them to complete them, so it’s just a bunch of extra fun activities available for them if they choose to use them. We have been completing a lot more work using the system and using so many of the resources we have that never seemed to come out of the cupboards.  We do workboxes on some Mondays, Tuesdays (half day), Thursdays and Fridays.  I haven’t used the schedule strip yet as we seem to cruise through the day pretty well without it.  I have found though that I will have to tweak the system to include group read alouds, games, craft etc.

Academically, the kids have been cruising along.  Gubbs is able to write his name well now and knows the sounds of the alphabet.  He is beginning to blend words, though he finds it difficult to recall sounds in print and blend in one sitting, so I have been doing the sounding for him!  Eli’s writing is really improving.  He writes all the time at the moment, jotting down story ideas in notebooks (but I have yet to see the completed story!!!).  I haven’t done any formal spelling with him yet and am half considering launching into Latin (shock , horror!!!!).  Because he is such an avid reader, spelling has come very naturally to him.  He knows when a word is spelled incorrectly and corrects himself with some/little guidance.  Zi’s reading is progressing well.  He went through a time when he was reading by himself for pleasure, but he isn’t in that at the moment.  He is able to read the notes I leave for him in the workboxes easily.  I think I may begin a bit more work on sight words with him.  I have been reading about right brained learners and this has given me an insight to how Zi learns.  He absolutely loves to create dress ups and props with paper.  He would happily live in worlds of play all day.  He obliges me with his reading, but his heart (and sometimes mind!) is often elsewhere!  He is doing well with his maths, though needs very short lessons done, so we’re often taking 2 days to complete a lesson (and sometimes 3 days).  I am really enjoying having him home this year and watching him mature.

Music is going well.  I have one more song to complete in book one of piano which seems like such an achievement for me.  Eli is finishing the last song of book1 violin.  Boy is it a tricky one.  We’ve spent all of Term 2 learning the notes and working out the ‘puzzles’.  We finished the last line of notes today and I can’t wait till Eli can put it all together with a bit more fluency.  Zi can now play Twinkles well and is beginning Lightly Row.  He is really enjoying violin now that he has something to play!  Gubbs is attempting to play the rhythms for Twinkles and Jordy likes to bow!

Gubbs has settled in really well to Kindy.  We have such a lovely teacher.  All the boys have had her and we’re pretty sure Jordy will have her next year.  He has made a few friends and enjoys the social aspect a lot.

Zeek is one cheeky monkey.  He copies me and the others constantly.  Jordy was licking up juice that had spilled on the table at dinner today.  I told her not to and then turned around to see Zeek doing exactly as his sister did!  He is signing a lot now, more each day.  He loves to point and tell Arrow (the dog) ‘out!’.He signs more, down, cat , fish, dog, all gone/finished, telephone, duck/bird, giraffe (to a picture on his wall!), drink, spider, sorry (with prompting!), nappy change, eat (tongue in and out) and sometimes stop.  I have a cough at the moment and he goes around covering his mouth and coughing after he hears me.  He loves to climb – everything.  I found him on the kitchen bench today because he had climbed onto the chair then onto the craft table, then onto the bench – right next to the knife block as well.  He escaped out the door the other day and was found about 3 doors down.  I felt so bad, I didn’t know he was missing and assumed he was outside playing with the others.  Luckily a nieghbour saw him and knew him and returned him!

I’m sure I’ve missed heaps of details, but that’s probably the highlights!

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Yay, this post is to commemorate the event! I always get myself into a tizzy when it comes to officially saying that my baby can walk. When is it? When they choose to walk over crawling, when they walk more than they crawl, when they can walk even though they choose not to?  You see, this announcement was not made without much inner turmoil from me!  We have video footage of Eli walking across the playroom (about 15 steps) kicking a balloon on his first birthday.  I wasn’t telling people that he could officially walk then, but looking at the video, he was obviously doing a good job of it!

So Zeek can walk.  He chooses to stand and walk about 50 % of the time.  He will crawl and then want to go faster so stand up and try walking.  He’ll take about 7-8 steps (if he doesn’t get distracted) and either get to his destination or decide to crawl again ( and then he goes through the same decision process all over again!).  He will often walk from the table etc, instead of crawl.  He is choosing to walk, so he is walking.  That’s my decision and I thought I’d better blog about it so that I can stop thinking about it.

The end.

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Wow, what a month it’s been for this little man!  Zeek has done soo much in the last three weeks…..  here’s a record.

He started taking a few steps about three weeks ago and now he is taking about 8-10 in one go.  He will stand up by himself and walk (when he feels like it), though the faster method is still crawling.  He enjoys standing and will do so a lot more than walking.  He often will stand up by himself rather than use the furniture to pull himself up (even when he is right next to the table!).  He is so proud of himself.  He will look over to whoever may be looking with eyes that say  ‘look at me, I’m doing it!!!!’  I caught him today carrying a violin case and walking!  He is getting stronger!

Zeek loves to talk, well he thinks he’s talking.  A lot of his talking is done with his cheeky eyes.  One look of his can tell you exactly what he is thinking!   Here’s a list for milestones sake.

mama – for milk or me I can’t decide

dada – for daddy

ta – usually when he wants to give me something

oh – for oh oh

uh uh – when I tell him he isn’t to do something or for ‘no’

all gone – sign

dog – sign and panting

yuck – sign – he just sticks his tongue out and says ‘aaa’

waving – for bye

up – sometime he’ll copy me when I say it to him.

His brothers and sister call him Buddha-Biddha.  He loves it and will chase them all around the house playing with them.  He gets most upset if they exclude him from a game.  He is great at sticking up for himself. He will scream and wave his arms to get them away.  He has started to initiate play with them when he wants to (usually by screaming and then crawling away really fast or hiding).

He loves to play peekaboo with a cloth or table.  He loves Twinkle twinkle little star and will try to twinkle with his fingers (ends up being more of a wave).  He loves to ‘sing’ at church, ahhhing with the music. He has begun to give us kisses this week carrying on the tradition of ah-wa that the rest of them did (must reflect the way we kiss them?!).  He has given away a few fly kisses when saying goodbye as well.

Zeek has begun the whole shy thing.  He hides his face when he doesn’t want to interact with someone.  He isn’t very shy though, often it’s a rouse to begin a game of peekaboo with a stranger!

Zeek, you a delight to have in our family.  You bring so much joy to everyone everyday.  We love you little man.

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Today my oldest reached seven years old.  Hard for me to comprehend that I have a seven year old who calls me Mummy!  We had a full on day today with playgroup (science and cupcakes), drama and sport, and then tee ball training (with more cupcakes).  Eli really amazed me today.  He has started doing sport and drama once a week with a group of homeschoolers.  I knew he would love the sport, but the drama I thought may be confronting for him.  Anyway, he did drama first and was quite shy about having to take his shoes off (which he didn’t have to do!) and then with introducing himself to the group.  I held his hand while he was in the circle and the teacher asked him his name which he said with confidence and also his age.  They then sat down and I left the circle but stayed in the room.  I said to him that he will have to use his courage and that I would be right there, but to my surprise and delight the teacher asked the mums to leave the room.  Eli was a legend.  I peeked in on him a couple of times and he was smiling and enjoying himself. The older boys took him under their wing and Eli’s confidence grew amazingly in the space of an hour.  I am so proud of him for conquering a fear that I am not sure I have even conquered myself!

He had a small party yesterday with his cousins and the boys from the M family.  It was nice to be able to focus on a small group of kids and to play games while the other two mums made themselves at home (and even got their own coffee!).It was quite stressful at one stage when Eli, Zi and Gubbs were all crying and wanting my 100% attention and I was trying to run a game!  Eli chose a great cake, a pinata cake.  He used a hammer to smash the shell of chocolate covering the cake which was topped with Easter eggs (cos there were no gold coins in the shop!) and smarties.

Eli got some lego (which he already built!), books, a game, a marionette puppet, an electricity kit and crazy crabs for his birthday.  He has named his crabs Thomas and Snoopy.  Another milestone was reached when Eli requested Hungry Jacks for his birthday dinner (I wasn’t going to cook after a long day!) – he had his first big whopper!  Happy Birthday Eli, we love having you as the big boy in our family.  I love watching you grow, everyday in little ways, into a strong, good man.

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Gubbs began his adventures in kindergarten today.  He was so excited.  All he wanted to do was play with play dough and paint, which amazingly were available on the first day!  He knew the drill so well.  he placed the fruit in the bowl, looked for his name, put his bottle in the box, bag on the hook, hat next to the bag and then we read some books before the bell went.  Gubbs knew exactly what the bell meant and promptly kissed me and said ‘bye mummy’ and sat down in front of Mrs S’ chair.  Even Jordy knows the drill and can’t wait to go to Mrs S’ pink kindy (why pink you ask? Because anything that is pink must be Jordy’s!).

When I picked Gubbs up after half a day, he was most upset that he didn’t get to bring the picture of a man that he had painted home.  He’d had a fantastic morning.  We are so blessed to have Mrs S as our teacher.  She has taught Eli and Zi kindy as well and we all love her.  I cannot fault her teaching practises (which is amazing for a home school mum!) and she is so respectful of the children.  Our kindy experiences have been amazing because of her!

Oh, I got some beautiful pictures of Gubbs in uniform that I will post later!

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Zeek – eight months

Zeek has gained two new teeth this month!  That’s a total of four teeth, two at the top and two at the bottom.  He is beginning to sign bye bye (waving), all gone, dog (tongue hanging out) and sometimes a very rudimentary /more/.  He loves to make sounds saying mum mum mum when he is looking for me, mmmmmm for when he is hungry, baba for bye bye and just this week /da/ for ta though only when he wants you to take what is in his hand!  He is pulling himself to standing and someitmes letting go for a second only to lower himself onto the floor.  He isn’t cruising very well yet, but has got that speedy crawl going. His favourite soing by far is twinkle twinkle little star, it will bring a smile to his guaranteed. Oh and for the record, he is wearing size 0 and sometimes small size 1.

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Night Training

We are also attempting to train Eli, Zi and Gubbs at night.  I have a family history of late bedwetting and so have been quite slack with training the boys.  Eli has had  a lot of success, but had a wet night last night.  Zi isn’t getting it at the moment.  He started off well and has now wet for the last three nights in a row.  Gubbs however, is doing marvellously.  He has had four out of four dry nights.  Go figure, different children, different abilities!!  We are going to persevere throguh summer.  We have these mats that go on top of their sheets and have a waterproof backing.  They all have a sheet on their bed, a polar fleece blanket (it’s very warm at night here at the moment) and their mat thing.  This means that if all three have wet beds in any given night, then I only have one load of washing to do.  Speaking of which, I’d better do it now!!!

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