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This is a bit late in the writing…. But in October of last year we decided to attend the World meeting of Families in Milan in June this year. God works in strange ways in our marriage. As soon as we knew World Youth Day was going to be hosted by Sydney, there was no doubt in our hearts that we were going to attend. We didn’t even consider the number or ages of children we would have by then…and we wouldn’t have known anyway!

A sense of calm and purpose came to Derek and I when we first considered attending the meeting of Families. There was no doubt in our minds that it was doable. We assessed the finances by googling airlines and finding rough prices and even though we knew we were cutting things very slim, it seemed so right. We discerned this trip for a weekend… Holding in the excitement of a possibility of taking our kids to see the wonders of Italy. We asked Derek’s parents to attend with us, a dream of ours since before we got married. They said yes. This is a trip that is to serve something beyond ourselves. I still feel it….a sense of being church and family…a time to plant and grow those seeds. A time to be Australian. A time to be in communion with others, in a way so profound we will carry it and share it with others for the rest of our lives. There is no better catechesis for our children than to give them a real, true, live experience of being Catholic, celebrating the Eucharist with 1 million other families. I pray that it sets their hearts on fire. That others can see that fire within them as they mature into faith filled adults.


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The Catholic Church is often viewed as a bit of an ogre when it comes to it’s teachings on sex.  Pope John Paul II gave a series of homilies (sermons) in the 1970’s on what is now coined ‘The Theology of the Body’.  Truly a revolutionary and refreshing gift to the church and to the world…  Here’s an article written by Christopher West who is a public speaker on Theology of the body.  He brings to light the Church’s teaching on contraception.  The wisdom and depth of how the Church views sex is always a reminder of why I trust the Church to lead me in my faith.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Church has always taught, teaches now, and always will teach that the only method of “birth control” that respects the language of divine love is “self-control.”

People will often retort, “C’mon! That’s splitting hairs! What’s the big difference between rendering the union sterile yourself and just waiting until it’s naturally infertile? End result’s the same thing.” To which I respond, what’s the big difference between a miscarriage and an abortion? End result’s the same thing. One, however, is an “act of God.” In the other man takes the powers of life into his own hands and makes himself like God (see Gn 3:5).

It truly is a Church for life, right from the very beginnings of a couple’s union in marriage….

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Okay, my turn to take us somewhere… ice skating!!  Derek and I went ice skating a few times in our dating days, and so I thought it may rekindle fond memories!  I had forgotten that we were now at least ten years older and that my body and agility was suffering due to the reproductive creativity it had unleashed into five children!  All said though, it was FUN!  We went to an afternoon session so there were quite a few adults with children there so we didn’t feel odd.  The boots were just as uncomfortable as I remember, the ice wasn’t as slippery as I remember, it wasn’t that cold and it was just like riding a bike again, we remembered how to do it!  We weren’t as fast as we used to be, but that is to be expected!

Afterward we went for coffee and cake.

And now the information everyone is waiting for… Derek didn’t fall once (but I did twice and boy did it hurt!).  I think I may have bruised a rib and I have bruises on my knee and elbow (I am looking for some sympathy here!).  Though I would do it all again for fun and for the memories we created.

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Derek and I set aside the 2nd of each month as our ‘date’ night’.  We don’t always go out or do something on that night due to well…life, but we make an effort in our time and budget to allow for a date around the 2ndof every month.  Why the 2nd you ask?  We were married on the 2nd of December so it’s easy for us to remember!  We chose a while ago to make every second date a ‘stay-at-home’ date (less babysitting required!).  This usually involves the kids having scrambled eggs or something else simple for dinner and us having take away or a nicely cooked candlelit dinner.  We might play games or watch TV or do crosswords.  On the other months, we go out….

It was Derek’s turn to organise our April date.  He got quite creative and instead of going out for dinner or to a movie, he took me bike riding around the Swan river.  I have never been riding around the river before, so it was a new experience for me, a new way to view our beautiful city.  It was soooo much fun.  We could ride fast and not worry about the little ones tagging along and it got me motivated to get fit (not that I have actually followed through on that one!).  We got to the South Perth foreshore and stopped for and ice coffee before heading back.  I felt young and rejuvenated and in love!!  Now it’s my turn to decide where our next ‘going out’ date will be!

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