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E on investing

The afternoon before their investment into cubs…..

E – what happens when get invested?

The K mum – well, you’ll probably do it at the beginning or end, you’ll have to say your cub promise then you’ll get  your scarf and badges.

E – oh (downcast look )… you mean it will be in front of everyone?

The K mum – yes, your pack will want to welcome you in.

E – well, then, I don’t want to be invested! I though you had to go into a private room and do those things!

(E leaves the room – the K mum gives him some space to think things through…)

No other comments were made that afternoon. E went on to be invested in front of the pack and replied to the welcome call with a very loud ‘1-2-3 WOLF’, the volume of which even surprised me!

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