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Zeek is now 2 years old!!!   He is an energetic boy (to say the least!).  Full of life and excitement and cheekiness.  He is a biter, a screamer, a climber, a hitter and now a thrower.  Though he is gorgeous and is slowly gaining some self control. He loves packing things away and knows where things go better than his older siblings!

He is a strong boy.  Able to climb trailers, monkey bars, walls (yes literally!!!)…..  He will use his arms to lift himself up on things instead of his legs.  I think he’s getting better at chin ups than his Dad!!!  He can pedal a bike backwards (if he can reach the pedals!), but not forwards yet.

He can talk in short sentences sometimes up to 4-5 words.  Some recent ones are ‘mummy arrow got ball’,  ‘more push please mama’.  He calls drinks ‘water milk’, ‘water juice’ and ‘mummy milk’.

We’re battling to settle him at nights at the moment.  He can climb out of his cot and doesn’t want the door shut anymore.  He will scream for ages for me!  Luckily though, when he finally goes to sleep, he sleeps all night!  He is getting his second molar through, so we’ll see what happens after it finally erupts!

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Today my oldest reached seven years old.  Hard for me to comprehend that I have a seven year old who calls me Mummy!  We had a full on day today with playgroup (science and cupcakes), drama and sport, and then tee ball training (with more cupcakes).  Eli really amazed me today.  He has started doing sport and drama once a week with a group of homeschoolers.  I knew he would love the sport, but the drama I thought may be confronting for him.  Anyway, he did drama first and was quite shy about having to take his shoes off (which he didn’t have to do!) and then with introducing himself to the group.  I held his hand while he was in the circle and the teacher asked him his name which he said with confidence and also his age.  They then sat down and I left the circle but stayed in the room.  I said to him that he will have to use his courage and that I would be right there, but to my surprise and delight the teacher asked the mums to leave the room.  Eli was a legend.  I peeked in on him a couple of times and he was smiling and enjoying himself. The older boys took him under their wing and Eli’s confidence grew amazingly in the space of an hour.  I am so proud of him for conquering a fear that I am not sure I have even conquered myself!

He had a small party yesterday with his cousins and the boys from the M family.  It was nice to be able to focus on a small group of kids and to play games while the other two mums made themselves at home (and even got their own coffee!).It was quite stressful at one stage when Eli, Zi and Gubbs were all crying and wanting my 100% attention and I was trying to run a game!  Eli chose a great cake, a pinata cake.  He used a hammer to smash the shell of chocolate covering the cake which was topped with Easter eggs (cos there were no gold coins in the shop!) and smarties.

Eli got some lego (which he already built!), books, a game, a marionette puppet, an electricity kit and crazy crabs for his birthday.  He has named his crabs Thomas and Snoopy.  Another milestone was reached when Eli requested Hungry Jacks for his birthday dinner (I wasn’t going to cook after a long day!) – he had his first big whopper!  Happy Birthday Eli, we love having you as the big boy in our family.  I love watching you grow, everyday in little ways, into a strong, good man.

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