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#6 week 32

Okay, so I am actually huge :-).  Baby and uterus measuring about 2 weeks bigger…. hmmm either a big baby or it’s going to come early.  Considering Derek is away the weekend before the ‘due date’ I think I’ll opt with bigger!!

Baby dropped a bit last week and then rose up again this week, so I’m lacking a lot of gusto.  I have gone back to either cleaning or homeschooling, not both.  The kids are not in a very good routine.  They are whinging every time I mention formal work.  Natural homeschooling is working brilliantly though.  Zi’s reading chapter books (with pictures) and Eli is really into the Secret Seven.  I’m doing reading eggs again with Gubbs because it’s easy and we have a free five week subscription, may think of purchasing this time 🙂  We went to a Gladiator fighting demonstration on the weekend which has inspired ancient Rome to come alive in our backyard… yay!!

Music seems to be on the backburner.  Eli does some practice by himself, though he really needs at least a couple of mum lessons a weeks which he is not getting.  Gubbs and Zi get violin when I am able which means there isn’t a lot of progress happening :-(.  I was hoping Gubbs would play Twinkles at his solo, but not sure if that is going to happen in the next two weeks.  Zi is enjoying playing now that he has a few songs under his belt.  He will often pick up his violin and just play his songs without me :-).  Eli is up to me in piano.  He is about to start book2 and so I am hoping to pick up my practice and learn along with him…. we’ll see :-).  Thinking vaguely about introducing Zi to the piano using his violin songs and seeing what happens…..

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#6 week 29

Feeling HUGE!!!  My iron is low and so have to take 2 tablets a day to increase it.  We have all had colds/coughs this week and so my energy is fairly low… and I can’t have caffeine :-(.  Baby moving heaps, and Derek can feel it.  Doesn’t want to move for the kids though.  Gubbs has been the only one to feel a good squirm!

Beginning to plan for the birth, cooking extra meals (or planning to cook them!) and sorting through kids wardrobes to get rid of excess clothes.  Have had to put away sizes 1, 3 and 4 now.  Jordy and Gubbs are both in size 5, Zi in size 6 and Eli size 7!  Zeek is size 2.  Weighed Jordy and Gubbs last week and they both weighed 21 kgs!  It’s like having twins!

Zeek has settled down a lot now.  He loves the new trike we got for him and rides it around saying ‘go, go, go!!’.  He has stopped napping during the day and so goes to bed around 7pm – yay!!  He gets cranky at about 5pm, but I give him dinner early and then put the obsessive Wiggies on for him and this tends to keep me sane!

Can’t believe that we have an 8, 61/2, 5 and 4 year old now.  It only seems like yesterday that we had 4 under four.  I am really enjoying the gaps we have had between Jordy and Zeek and this one.  Three under 4 1/2 is so much nicer :-).  Can’t believe Zi was 2 1/2 when Jordy was born and that Zeek will be the same age (with no other younger sibling!) when this little one arrives.  I now understand why people would say ‘how do you do it?’ and ‘your hands are full aren’t they?’.  Even though those statements still drive me mad!!

I am really looking forward to having a newborn in the house again, and to breastfeeding.  Good thing there’s only 11 weeks to go!!

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#6 week 19

I’m finally feeling as though I am back on my feet!!!  baby kicking  lots now.  Won’t be long before the others can feel it moving!  I didn’t nap at all last week.  I was exhausted by the evening, but still able to get dinner and kids to bed without collapsing!  I’ve had to buy some new clothes as I only have old trackies and two pairs of jean shorts that fit!  I bought the belly belt so I can just wear all my old jeans and some new tops (a much bigger size!) that will cover up the zip part of my jeans.  I’m hoping this should do me for winter :-).

Have started homeschooling again.  Our morning routine of work is going well.  We do violin in the afternoons after quiet time and possible nap time (I work much better knowing that I can still nap even if I don’t need to!).  I’m still not managing to do maths with Gubbs, but we have started circle time.  This was mostly so that I do fit in counting (and abacus) and letters with Jordy and Gubbs.  We also do an atlas poster I bought at that time which is excellent!

Back on the topic…. the ultrasound is on Monday!!!!

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