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#7 …..13 weeks

#7 due 30th December 2013, or maybe a few days earlier! This pregnancy has been weird so far. Morning sickness started early at 5/6 weeks and very intense for a few weeks. Around week 10 it started to ease up and I got all excited and reduced my napping. Then it came back, not as bad as the beginning, but still yuck. So now at 13 weeks, I am back to napping everyday and trying to do minimal outside the house, which is very unlike me. I’m feeling like it is getting better…but who knows 🙂 I’m hoping it is all over by 16 weeks.

My tummy has popped out, but I’m still in normal clothes which is nice. I hate maternity clothes! They never seem to fit right, and then they do but they change after a couple of weeks as I grow! I have kept very few items of maternity clothes for that reason! Don’t want to weigh myself, bit scared about what it will say, but I also don’t really care 🙂

I have had major food aversions this time. I don’t feel like eating anything. Even the things I am craving, I eat with disdain. I have craved citrus fruits, milk, iced coffee, icecream and green or pink lady apples this time round. Weird I know. Especially the milk. I usually go off milk products totally during pregnancy. I can’t drink straight water without needing to throw up, but can stomach small sips of fizzy water with a touch of orange cordial in it.

With all that information, I wonder what sort of personality this little one will have. Can’t wait to find out :-).

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