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Long time no blog! 2012 has been a whirlwind and we are  finally getting to slow down a bit this year!  Kids did Vac swimming for all of January and so homeschooling went on the back burner, we needed a good break. All the kids did very well in vac swim.  #1 made it through to level 10, #2 to level 7, #3 level 6, #4 level 4 and #5 will be enrolled in level 3 or 4 depending on his skill level in October   #5 is an exceptional swimmer, learning how to do freestyle with breathing in five days! #6 is very confident in the water and thoroughly enjoyed swimming after his cast was removed! He is able to swim independently under water and is beginning to take his own breaths. He even tried to do freestyle arms courtesy of #4’s teaching!

After swimming the kids have been enjoying the first season of the Brady Bunch borrowed from the library.  It’s been the first ‘sitcom’ series they have watched and we are all enjoying it immensely.  #4 is learning a lot about how girls interact and behave among each other   A good lesson I think 🙂

We have also enjoyed numerous playdates with cousins and friends.  Holidays always means playdates, especially with those who go to school and the kids have been enjoying catching up with old friends and meeting some new homeschooling ones who live up the road!

We reorganized the playroom and the library and so the house is easier to clean! The smallest things make the biggest difference.  #1 now has his own study area in the library which is the first step up he takes in homeschooling this year.

#1-4 have been enjoying playing with the snap circuit set we have.  What a wonderful toy!  Even though we have taken a break from formal learning they have been doing science all month.  #1 and #2 have invented new circuits and come to a new level of understanding electronics, I am finding hard to keep up!

All in all, a fantastic month, renewing and fun, readying us to face the new 2013 school year.

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