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E on investing

The afternoon before their investment into cubs…..

E – what happens when get invested?

The K mum – well, you’ll probably do it at the beginning or end, you’ll have to say your cub promise then you’ll get  your scarf and badges.

E – oh (downcast look )… you mean it will be in front of everyone?

The K mum – yes, your pack will want to welcome you in.

E – well, then, I don’t want to be invested! I though you had to go into a private room and do those things!

(E leaves the room – the K mum gives him some space to think things through…)

No other comments were made that afternoon. E went on to be invested in front of the pack and replied to the welcome call with a very loud ‘1-2-3 WOLF’, the volume of which even surprised me!

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Update 2011

I am being peer pressured to post something.  My friends are on a blogging spree and I just have to keep up (cos I’m that kind of a girl – not 🙂 ).

This has been a big year for us so far. Derek is studying full time as well as working full time and we have had to cut back on our homeschooling commitments because of it.  Actually, that’s been a good thing because it means we are spending more time at home and actually ‘schooling’ rather than traipsing around the countryside doing all sorts of other things!

We have also had the blessing of having a beautiful nun, Sr T, join us on Tuesday and Wednesday for the day.  She is an angel, helping out exactly where she is needed.  The kids love her and I adore her!!  I get to work in the afternoons of the days she is here and so we have Saturdays relatively free (when Derek isn’t working or at uni that is!).

Home schooling is cruising along nicely.  We are achieving the goals we are setting.  We are embarking on new journeys with new curricula.  We are maintaining great friendships and making new ones.  We’ve had a few stumbling blocks along the way.  I and E have had their fair share of trying to ‘buck’ the system, but with a bit of tweaking and consistency of consequences we are actually enjoying the tasks we are setting.  J and C’s reading is coming along very well.  C is having a go at reading most things and J has begun to blend well. I can’t wait until the older four are reading and we can begin unit studies – my dream for next year!!

I and E have begun cub scouts.  They are loving it.  They were invested the other night and are really excited about starting badges.  E is already setting goals needed to achieve the highest ‘wolf’ badge! I wonder if that enthusiasm will continue?

N is growing fast, 7 1/2 months old now.  He got his first five teeth last week, all at once.  He is getting another one this week.  He began ‘proper’ crawling this week.  He has been caterpillar crawling for a while and he has been rolling as a means of motion for a few months now.  He is delightful and the whole family are relishing his every smile and laugh. J is a mother hen with him and he adores her!

I’m going to post this now so that I can say that I have blogged :-).  The younger boys are demanding my attention and I must relinquish it…..

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