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A friend of mine posted her 11 goals…. so I thought I’d follow in  her footsteps:-)

1.  Increase my fitness and lose weight in the meantime.  I would like to do the 5 km run in the City to Surf in August… well Derek would like to do it with me!!

2.  Keep up with my homeschooling responsibilities (which is another post in itself 🙂 )

3.  Begin prayer journaling again.

4.  Pray the rosary every day/second day (to begin with… this may change as the year goes on)

5.  Keep up with my bible study

6.  Develop more emotional self control with the kids.  This is something I am constantly struggling with.  I am finding it changing as the kids get older.  E is growing up so fast… and we are occasionally having arguments where I am losing my control… not a good model :-(.

7.  Have J reading by the end of the year so that we can embrace my homeschooling dream of studying together in 2012.

8.  Travel to Darwin (and back) as a family.

9.  Being happy and content in our current home.  It really is a good home with heaps of space and meets our needs perfectly, even if I do have a moving itch!!!

10.  Play enough piano to keep up with E.

11.  Be more organized in my work and use it as a place of ministry in my life.


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