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#6 week 19

I’m finally feeling as though I am back on my feet!!!  baby kicking  lots now.  Won’t be long before the others can feel it moving!  I didn’t nap at all last week.  I was exhausted by the evening, but still able to get dinner and kids to bed without collapsing!  I’ve had to buy some new clothes as I only have old trackies and two pairs of jean shorts that fit!  I bought the belly belt so I can just wear all my old jeans and some new tops (a much bigger size!) that will cover up the zip part of my jeans.  I’m hoping this should do me for winter :-).

Have started homeschooling again.  Our morning routine of work is going well.  We do violin in the afternoons after quiet time and possible nap time (I work much better knowing that I can still nap even if I don’t need to!).  I’m still not managing to do maths with Gubbs, but we have started circle time.  This was mostly so that I do fit in counting (and abacus) and letters with Jordy and Gubbs.  We also do an atlas poster I bought at that time which is excellent!

Back on the topic…. the ultrasound is on Monday!!!!

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