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#6 week 15

Feeling a billion times better this last week.  The nausea is still present all day, but not life constricting.  We have begun homeschooling again, minus the music aspect, which I have realized is a HUGE part of our schooling… maybe too big!

I have felt little flutterings of baby movement for a few weeks now.  I thought it was my imagination, but now I don’t think it was.  No big ‘kicks’ or anything though.

I cut down my work hours reducing to a maximum of 4 clients in the morning.  Much more manageable!

I’m still resting in the afternoon, but noticing that I only really need an hour not two.  I hope to get my afternoons more productive and put music lessons in there instead of in the mornings.

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Zeek is now 2 years old!!!   He is an energetic boy (to say the least!).  Full of life and excitement and cheekiness.  He is a biter, a screamer, a climber, a hitter and now a thrower.  Though he is gorgeous and is slowly gaining some self control. He loves packing things away and knows where things go better than his older siblings!

He is a strong boy.  Able to climb trailers, monkey bars, walls (yes literally!!!)…..  He will use his arms to lift himself up on things instead of his legs.  I think he’s getting better at chin ups than his Dad!!!  He can pedal a bike backwards (if he can reach the pedals!), but not forwards yet.

He can talk in short sentences sometimes up to 4-5 words.  Some recent ones are ‘mummy arrow got ball’,  ‘more push please mama’.  He calls drinks ‘water milk’, ‘water juice’ and ‘mummy milk’.

We’re battling to settle him at nights at the moment.  He can climb out of his cot and doesn’t want the door shut anymore.  He will scream for ages for me!  Luckily though, when he finally goes to sleep, he sleeps all night!  He is getting his second molar through, so we’ll see what happens after it finally erupts!

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