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#6, week 6

Morning sickness has begun, though I am looking after myself very well!  I need to eat constantly, and yet don’t feel like eating at all because of the nausea.  It is a constantly physical and emotional battle to decide what to eat and then actually manage to eat it.  I started off with carrots, and have now moved onto celery.  These veges seem to have little taste (which is great fro that yucky taste in my mouth!), are crunchy and cold.  I want to eat my food cold all the time, go figure.  Probably not good for listeria, but it stays down :-).  I was craving cold boiled potatoes and tomato sauce yesterday.  I ate them warm instead and it wasn’t very good 🙂

I’m finding that I can either homeschool with the kids or clean, not both.  My energy levels can’t keep up.  So the choice is clean house, dumb kids or messy house, smart kids…..  sometimes the choice isn’t so easy to make ;-).  When Derek works evenings, it’s particularly hard as the house doesn’t get it’s proper tidy for the next day because I’m too pooped.

I keep telling myself that the nausea is good, the baby is growing strong and healthy.  This mantra works well for a while and then turns into ‘I am a toughy’ when I get worse….

Maybe #6 will be the last…. maybe not!!!


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Plans for 2010

Thought I’d post my plans for 2010.  After much consideration, we have decided to go minimalist this year! We have always intended on doing unit studies and so will begin this year.  I miss the naturalness of our learning that happened so much in the early years, and so unit studies will be decided on by the kids.. based on what they have an avid interest in.  Jordy does her Kindy year this year 🙂


Eli – Rightstart C (to be completed) and begin and get through half of D.

Zi- Rightstart B completed

Gubbs – Rightstart B (about 1/2)

Jordy – Rightstart B to ‘go to the dump’ game which is not very far!!!


Eli – All About Spelling (level four completed), Soundwaves book 5 and 6

Zi  – AAS Level one and maybe two, Soundwaves book 2

Gubbs – Soundwaves book 1


Eli – Will have a booklist (yet to be decided which books!) to read independently.  He reads a lot and so nothing else formal.

Zi – Books from library, informal reading which he is now doing much more of.

Gubbs – Fitzroy readers.  I’m going to go with his flow!

Jordy – letters and blending.  Then to Fitzroy readers.


All – one experiment week from a general experiment book :-).  Also unit studies as they come up, Scitech etc..


Big boys – Story of the World Volume 2.  Informal snail trails from this.


Eli – still to be decided on a semiformal program.  More narration. Mind maps.

Zi – Narration and book making (he’ll love this!!), copywork

Gubbs – story telling, description, reporting, journalling… to me!, copywork


Eli – homeschool group, footy (maybe), gymnastics, swimming

Zi – Footy, gymnastics, swimming

Gubbs – footy?, gymnastics, swimming

Jordy – swimming


Eli – Violin Book 2/3, piano book 1/2 plus theory…

Zi – Violin book1

Gubbs- violin twinkles

Jordy – violin when interested 🙂


Eli – First communion, catechesis

Zi – Catechesis, maybe…

All – Bible studies…. nothing formal, as interest arises (which it will!!), community service (thinking about playing music for a nursing home/hospital), prayer (as fits into daily life!), Saint stories, advent, lent, feasts.

I don’t want to formalize religion for the kids yet.   The best way to ‘teach’ faith is to live it!!


Eli – Drama

All – playgroup (we are doing art there!)

Jordy – Kindy (which is a big extra!!)

To come… (one day hopefully this year!!)

Our read aloud list

Eli’s reading list

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Baby Number 6!

Due 10.10.2010 (according to MY dates this time!!).  The kids are very excited.  They all want a brother except for Jordy who would like a brother and a sister!! Not feeling too queasy yet, energy levels down, but not too bad.  I love the first two weeks of pregnancy!!  We are getting ready for the morning sickness to hit in the next couple of weeks 🙂

Jobs to do… clean bathrooms thoroughly (they will have minor cleans during next few months!), get my teeth done and crown put in (before my gag reflex reaches the tip of my tongue!), relax!

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