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Eli’s first Reconciliation

Eli made his first reconciliation on Wednesday night.  It was a big milestone for him and  for Derek and myself as Eli was stepping out formally in his faith for the first time.  The service was nice, children and parents receiving the sacrament together.  We invited grandparents and godparents to our house afterward for a ‘prodigal son’ or ‘lost sheep’ feast.  We got a cake from the bakery (yum!) and made some ‘flowerpot’ and frog cupcakes and had fizzy drink (well, sparkling mineral water!) and just gave Eli gifts.  He received a bible from us (he’s read Genesis and half of Exodus because he ‘wants to’!), and books and a lost sheep from his godparents.  It was a real experience of being forgiven and being received again into family and church.  And for us, it was our first experience in letting go and letting God.

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