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Eli has enjoyed playing priests for as long as I can remember.  He received a homemade mass kit from my MIL a couple of Christmas’ ago and it is still being put to good use!  Today however, saw a progression in his mass… he included the homily!!!  The homily (not related at all to the readings!) was about how God created the universe in seven days. He worked for six days and rested for one.  Therefore we work for six days and then take a day of rest, the sabbath.  Wow, I was inspired to have a rest, but unfortunately we are plodding through some stuff today, including a newly tweaked routine of activities.

Gubbs finishes Kindy this year and I wanted to use these holidays as a trial run of homeschooling three kids.  I have homeschooling two down, but three will be more of a challenge!  I did want to start at 9am this morning, but how could I interrupt mass for mother initiated morning prayer???  So, we are starting later and I get to have a bit of computer time (interrupted by receiving communion), and my kids are praying and learning in their own natural way. Oh how I love being able to go with the flow 🙂

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Zi turns six

Zi is now six years old.  We had a full day trying to make it special for Zi as well as getting ready for our weekend up to Jurien Bay.  We gave Zi a bike for his birthday, which he loved and then promptly didn’t like when he realized that it was a bit too big for him (he’ll grow into I say!).   He generously swapped his new bike with Eli’s old bike and enjoyed riding on the neighbour’s brickpaving out the front.  It wasn’t until the last day of our time in Jurien that he requested his bike back (much to Eli’s disappointment :-)).  Zi is a very generous boy.  He received four dinosaurs and shared them with his siblings… not even asking for them back!  We had a sword cake with Grandma and Grandad in the evening which was a hit – though not the best cake I’ve made!  We all went to bed exhausted and without a single thing packed for our adventure the next morning! Zi received: a bike, dinosaurs, two swords (from both grandparents!), a silly sentence game, a book of prayers, a superhero dress up, a boing go ball thing, and variuos other really fun toys!

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