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These past week has been all about teeth in our house!!  I had my wisdom teeth out on Wednesday, which was a long time coming.  I originally booked to have them out over two years ago.  The day before, I had a suspicion I was pregnant, and lo and behold… I was!  Zeek was born eight months later, and I still had my wisdom teeth!  I had to cancel everything with the dentist, thank goodness they were great about it!  This time, I was not pregnant! The dentist said they were a lot easier to extract than they had thought, so it was quick, cheaper and painless during (I was under IV sedation), but hurt afterward.  I slept off the anaesthetic that day and was fine the next day, though still on painkillers!

Eli is missing his two front teeth.  He lost one a couple of weeks ago and lost the second at football last week.  He felt it in his mouth and took it out and handed it to Daddy!  He cashed in three teeth with the toothfairy (one he swallowed ages ago, the other had been in my purse after losing it at playgroup, and the most recent one!).  The toothfairy was very generous giving him $10 and some fairy dust.  Gubbs woke up the next morning and proclaimed (quite loudly) that he had met the toothfairy that night.  He asked her where she got the fairy dust from and she said that she grinds the teeth up and uses it as fairy dust!  Apparently she is very little, with wings and a beautiful dress. Yep, he definitely met her!  Eli has said that he is saving up for a Nintendo DS with his money….  so much for a robot!

Zeek has been getting his molars for about 6 months now.  The bottom two got really swollen and bruised and then went down and no teeth appeared for about 3 months.  All four molars have come through over the past three/four weeks.  He wakes in the night when they first cut through (which happened to be the night after I had my wisdom teeth out!) and then he’s fine, maybe a bit clingy.

So, if you are wondering what we have been doing lately, that’s basically it!  We have also been fitting in some homeschooling and began a new spelling programme, but that’s for another post!!


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