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It’s been too long since I have blogged :-(.  So what have we been up to in the last two months, well, here it goes!

We have started using Sue Patrick’s Workbox system.  It has had its ups and downs, but we have decided to stick with it for now.  Eli loves them.. He will happily work his way through all twelve with very little break (even eating lunch while doing activities!).  Zi started off hating them, but has now realised that they contain lots of fun things to work towards and is enjoying them a lot.  Gubbs and Jordy don’t mind either way, and I don’t make it necessary for them to complete them, so it’s just a bunch of extra fun activities available for them if they choose to use them. We have been completing a lot more work using the system and using so many of the resources we have that never seemed to come out of the cupboards.  We do workboxes on some Mondays, Tuesdays (half day), Thursdays and Fridays.  I haven’t used the schedule strip yet as we seem to cruise through the day pretty well without it.  I have found though that I will have to tweak the system to include group read alouds, games, craft etc.

Academically, the kids have been cruising along.  Gubbs is able to write his name well now and knows the sounds of the alphabet.  He is beginning to blend words, though he finds it difficult to recall sounds in print and blend in one sitting, so I have been doing the sounding for him!  Eli’s writing is really improving.  He writes all the time at the moment, jotting down story ideas in notebooks (but I have yet to see the completed story!!!).  I haven’t done any formal spelling with him yet and am half considering launching into Latin (shock , horror!!!!).  Because he is such an avid reader, spelling has come very naturally to him.  He knows when a word is spelled incorrectly and corrects himself with some/little guidance.  Zi’s reading is progressing well.  He went through a time when he was reading by himself for pleasure, but he isn’t in that at the moment.  He is able to read the notes I leave for him in the workboxes easily.  I think I may begin a bit more work on sight words with him.  I have been reading about right brained learners and this has given me an insight to how Zi learns.  He absolutely loves to create dress ups and props with paper.  He would happily live in worlds of play all day.  He obliges me with his reading, but his heart (and sometimes mind!) is often elsewhere!  He is doing well with his maths, though needs very short lessons done, so we’re often taking 2 days to complete a lesson (and sometimes 3 days).  I am really enjoying having him home this year and watching him mature.

Music is going well.  I have one more song to complete in book one of piano which seems like such an achievement for me.  Eli is finishing the last song of book1 violin.  Boy is it a tricky one.  We’ve spent all of Term 2 learning the notes and working out the ‘puzzles’.  We finished the last line of notes today and I can’t wait till Eli can put it all together with a bit more fluency.  Zi can now play Twinkles well and is beginning Lightly Row.  He is really enjoying violin now that he has something to play!  Gubbs is attempting to play the rhythms for Twinkles and Jordy likes to bow!

Gubbs has settled in really well to Kindy.  We have such a lovely teacher.  All the boys have had her and we’re pretty sure Jordy will have her next year.  He has made a few friends and enjoys the social aspect a lot.

Zeek is one cheeky monkey.  He copies me and the others constantly.  Jordy was licking up juice that had spilled on the table at dinner today.  I told her not to and then turned around to see Zeek doing exactly as his sister did!  He is signing a lot now, more each day.  He loves to point and tell Arrow (the dog) ‘out!’.He signs more, down, cat , fish, dog, all gone/finished, telephone, duck/bird, giraffe (to a picture on his wall!), drink, spider, sorry (with prompting!), nappy change, eat (tongue in and out) and sometimes stop.  I have a cough at the moment and he goes around covering his mouth and coughing after he hears me.  He loves to climb – everything.  I found him on the kitchen bench today because he had climbed onto the chair then onto the craft table, then onto the bench – right next to the knife block as well.  He escaped out the door the other day and was found about 3 doors down.  I felt so bad, I didn’t know he was missing and assumed he was outside playing with the others.  Luckily a nieghbour saw him and knew him and returned him!

I’m sure I’ve missed heaps of details, but that’s probably the highlights!

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