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Yay, this post is to commemorate the event! I always get myself into a tizzy when it comes to officially saying that my baby can walk. When is it? When they choose to walk over crawling, when they walk more than they crawl, when they can walk even though they choose not to?  You see, this announcement was not made without much inner turmoil from me!  We have video footage of Eli walking across the playroom (about 15 steps) kicking a balloon on his first birthday.  I wasn’t telling people that he could officially walk then, but looking at the video, he was obviously doing a good job of it!

So Zeek can walk.  He chooses to stand and walk about 50 % of the time.  He will crawl and then want to go faster so stand up and try walking.  He’ll take about 7-8 steps (if he doesn’t get distracted) and either get to his destination or decide to crawl again ( and then he goes through the same decision process all over again!).  He will often walk from the table etc, instead of crawl.  He is choosing to walk, so he is walking.  That’s my decision and I thought I’d better blog about it so that I can stop thinking about it.

The end.

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I have been reflecting a lot on sin during the last few weeks.  The reason? Because Eli is going to do his first reconciliation/penance/confession (whatever you wish to call it :-)) and because it is the season of lent.  I want him to understand what sin is and the effect it has on his relationship with God and others.

Derek gave Eli a explanation  which has become a real teaching point in our lives.  It is about the origins of the word ‘sin’.  Apparently  ‘sin’ was used as an archery term meaning ‘to miss the target’.  Such a beautiful description.  That God wants our arrows to hit the target every time, but that sometimes we miss.  It is not the end of the world though, because we can always go and pick it up and look for the target and aim again. We can always pick ourselves up, ask for forgiveness, look to God (the target) and try again.

The kids and I extended the description to explain the root of sin.  Where does sin begin? With us of course, with our attitude, our heart.  It begins with the person holding the arrow.  I have been asking the kids to ‘change their attitude’ a lot lately.  I knew this phrase didn’t really mean anything  to them and so I explained it to them as I was helping them to aim better toward their target so that they may be more likely to hit it.  If their ‘attitude’ had continued along the same path, then they were going to miss the target.  They had to choose to change it though, so that they could aim better and not miss (sin), Mummy can only remind them!

And so how do we learn to aim better???  By being in relationship with God and Jesus, by participating in the sacraments (especially reconciliation), by reading God’s word, by letting the Spirit live in us and through us, through communion with the target.  The lives of the Saints give us an example of how to aim and hit the target.

Gubbs held the door open for me today.  As I walked through  he said “Mummy I hit the target didn’t I”.  Yes Gubbs, by using kindness and consideration for others, you did hit the target – bulls eye!!!

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Busy, busy, busy…. That pretty much sums up the last three weeks (hence no blogging).  Here’s a quick summary…


This is one area that we have managed to keep up with.  Eli had begun doing some dictation using prayers.  He has completed the Glory be and the traditional prayer before meals (Bless us O lord for these thy gifts…).  He does copywork one day, then he does a word study of the more difficult words (along with the corresponding Soundwaves sheet/s) and then he does dictation (though he memorised them both and so there wasn’t actually much dictating on my part!).  We are also going throguh the 30’s books in the Fitzroy range as a beginning in grammar and informal writing (though we haven’t kept up with informal writing very well :-(.  His fluency in reading is excellent.  He can pretty much read anything fluently – I’ve been getting him to read aloud to me (which I haven’t done in ages!).

Zi is also steaming ahead with the readers.  We are up to read 15 in Fitzroy and he is not having a any trouble with them.  He probably isn’t as fluent as I would want him to be before he moves on, but I am finding that he is motivated by moving on and that his fluency is fine in the earlier readers.  He has begun to read the Ladybird readers (level1) by himself and seems to be enjoying it.  We are doing writing with Fitzroy books 5 and 6 and he’s writing cvc words and completing cvcc and ccvc words.  He enjoys the spelling, but hasn’t much patience for the writing (he is 5 after all!)


Okay, this is what we are falling behind on.  I have been a bit slack since we finished level B, though Eli is doing the review with a friend I am tutoring and so he is up to about lesson 16.  We did Roman Numerals and he got all of it (about 3 lessons worth) in one lesson.  I haven’t really done any formal lessons with Zi, though we have played with the abacus and tally sticks and sung the song lots.


Derek and the boys watched more from The Story of India.  We made a chickpea curry and I bought some Gulabjammun for dessert.  I should’ve made Lassi, but I forgot.  We invited a friend to stay for dinner and we shared what we had learned.  Basically the boys collectively know that India has Burma, Pakistan, China, Tibet, Bangladesh on its borders.  Sri Lanka is the island off India.  The Himalayas are on the northern border of India and Mt Everest is the tallest mountain in the world and in those ranges.  The Ganges is a holy river.  The Indus river is in Pakistan and Mohenjo Daro and Harrappa are the two cities that were discovered there.  Grandma and Mother Teresa lived in Calcutta.  Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity are three of the many religions in India.  New Dehli is the capital and the Taj Mahal is a famous site.  Jordy knows that there are three colours on the flag (orange, white and green), Eli and Zi know what they represent and that the blue wheel in the middle is the chakra and it has 24 spokes that represent the hours in the day. It’s quite a lot of info when I write it down like that!


My block of science at playgroup has ended and while I did enjoy it, it was hard work getting organised!  The kids now know what a solid, liquid and gas is. They know that ice, water and steam correspond to those states.  Even Jordy knows it!!!  Eli knows what condensation and evaporation is and what heterogenous and homogenous substances are.  They all enjoyed the water play we had during the last two weeks, especially Zeek!


I began my piano lessons and they are going wonderfully. I have learnt that I need to play with my hands separately and then put a piece together rather than trying to nut it out with both hands!  I am currently learning Long, long ago – Book 1 suzuki method.

Eli is beginning Minuet 3 and Zi has leanrt first finger on E string.  I have to streamline home lessons better… I will think about that this week.

Okay, that’s it for now!

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Wow, what a month it’s been for this little man!  Zeek has done soo much in the last three weeks…..  here’s a record.

He started taking a few steps about three weeks ago and now he is taking about 8-10 in one go.  He will stand up by himself and walk (when he feels like it), though the faster method is still crawling.  He enjoys standing and will do so a lot more than walking.  He often will stand up by himself rather than use the furniture to pull himself up (even when he is right next to the table!).  He is so proud of himself.  He will look over to whoever may be looking with eyes that say  ‘look at me, I’m doing it!!!!’  I caught him today carrying a violin case and walking!  He is getting stronger!

Zeek loves to talk, well he thinks he’s talking.  A lot of his talking is done with his cheeky eyes.  One look of his can tell you exactly what he is thinking!   Here’s a list for milestones sake.

mama – for milk or me I can’t decide

dada – for daddy

ta – usually when he wants to give me something

oh – for oh oh

uh uh – when I tell him he isn’t to do something or for ‘no’

all gone – sign

dog – sign and panting

yuck – sign – he just sticks his tongue out and says ‘aaa’

waving – for bye

up – sometime he’ll copy me when I say it to him.

His brothers and sister call him Buddha-Biddha.  He loves it and will chase them all around the house playing with them.  He gets most upset if they exclude him from a game.  He is great at sticking up for himself. He will scream and wave his arms to get them away.  He has started to initiate play with them when he wants to (usually by screaming and then crawling away really fast or hiding).

He loves to play peekaboo with a cloth or table.  He loves Twinkle twinkle little star and will try to twinkle with his fingers (ends up being more of a wave).  He loves to ‘sing’ at church, ahhhing with the music. He has begun to give us kisses this week carrying on the tradition of ah-wa that the rest of them did (must reflect the way we kiss them?!).  He has given away a few fly kisses when saying goodbye as well.

Zeek has begun the whole shy thing.  He hides his face when he doesn’t want to interact with someone.  He isn’t very shy though, often it’s a rouse to begin a game of peekaboo with a stranger!

Zeek, you a delight to have in our family.  You bring so much joy to everyone everyday.  We love you little man.

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