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The Zoo and C

We had a fantastic weekend.  On Saturday, we spent the day with my cousin C and took her to the zoo, which was sooo much fun.  The kids adore her and we have so many beautiful photos of them playing and running after each other.  C led the way at the zoo and we got to visit just about everything she wanted to.  My sister (also C) and her daughter Moo met us later on and joined in our fun.  After the zoo we went to my parents’ house for dinner and then to the beach for an ice cream.  I thought the kids would be exhausted after a long day out (I certainly was!), but they were all wide awake on the 45 min journey to C’s Grandma’s home.  You see, C was playing a game that they thought was hilarious.  It went like this…

Eli:  Do you know what you’re having for dinner tonight?

C: What?

Eli: Monkey’s brains!

Everyone: hysterical laughter…

Zi: Do you know what you’re having for dinner tonight?

C: What?

Zi: potato and peas mashed with poo!!

Everyone: hysterical laughter…

C: Do you know what you’re having for dinner tonight?

Eli and Zi: What?

C: A zebra’s stripy bum!!! (that had been a highlight of our zoo outing!)

Everyone: hysterical laughter…

And so the journey went on.  I don’t know how the game started, but it was one of those ‘in’ jokes being formed between C and our kids.  You know, the joke that the ‘people who were there’ often bring up and the ‘people who weren’t there’ just don’t get.  We got to our destination and C decelared that she would see us on Saturday (I hope so).  The kids and her didn’t want to say goodbye, but Zeek was screaming andthe others were tired.  We left and the kids fell asleep within about 3 mins.  Derek and I had a lovely drive home.

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