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Teaching Reading – Part 3

Away they go!!!!

Most kids go through what is called a ‘reading explosion’.  They do the same when they are learning to talk.  One day they are saying ‘mama’, ‘dada’ and ‘ball’, and the next they are saying more words than you can count!  When this happens, I talk a lot about how words are formed, how the sounds are made up (eg.  when ‘e’ and ‘a’ are together they can say ‘ee’ or ‘e’) and how words are made up of smaller words (eg.  cupboard).  I still like them to read aloud to me so that I can see how fluently they’re reading and also to aid in their own comprehension of the text.  It is around this time that they will naturally tend to ‘read in their heads’, but make sure that they are still reading aloud occasionally so that you can monitor common mistakes and comprehension skills.


I don’t stick firmly to any one spelling program.  We do however use the Soundwaves workbooks.  I teach that each word is made up of a number of sounds and that letters represent these sounds (eg.  the word ‘goat’ is made up of three sounds /g/ /oa/ /t/, but four letters g-o-a-t).  When spelling a word, I get the child to put dots or strokes for each sound, then they can make letter choice for each sound.  Remember some sounds are represented by more than one letter!  As my children get older, I plan on learning Latin and Greek roots as well as grammar related rules (eg.  drop the ‘e’ when adding ‘ing’)

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