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Advent 2008

The things we do to prepare for Christmas…..

Advent Calendar

My wonderful Mother in law made us this calendar a few years back and it is terrific.

  • We have a puzzle that we stick onto the wall.  Each day we add a piece to the puzzle until it is completed with Mary and baby Jesus on Christamas day.  We have also had a poster with stickers on it (with a sticker in each pocket).
  • Each day I have a excerpt of the Christmas story up until the birth of Jesus.  In years gone by we have done it until the Epiphany (visit of the three wise men), but this year we plan to do the twelve days of Christmas and so we will do the wise men then.
  • We also have a beautiful knitted nativity set that we set out as a lead up to Christmas.  This year we are only going to include Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the animals before Christmas and then Shepherds and wise men after.
  • This year we are doing a program called advent rainbows.  I bought ribbons of different colours and we have put the colour of the day into each pocket.  Each day at dinner we read the reading that goes with the colour and then tie the ribbon onto the Christmas tree.  Something different and fun!
  • Craft activities and special events are scattered through the calendar on appropriate days.  We make decorations, go for a drive to look at the lights, read certain books, make cards/presents, cook etc.
  • Treats are included along the way.  These are usually chocolate frog, lollies, fruit bars, anything special.

Advent Candles

We have a set of advent candles and a wreath (that we make as a craft) on our table.  The church prepares for the Four Sundays leading to advent. Three candles are purple, one pink and the Christmas candle is white and decorative.  There is lots to reflect on using these candles as a centre point. As a young family, we basically light the candles, that we are up to, during dinner and say a prayer specific to that week.  As the kids get older, we will reflect on the people of advent and possibly more into the virtues of advent using the candles as a focus point.

Crib for Jesus

This year, about a week before Christmas, we will try to make a crib for him.  I’m undecided if we are going to make it this year (like with wood!) or use the same cane wahing basket we have used in the past, but I am going to fill it with a bit of straw.  The kids then have to pratice their virtues and do good deeds for others to ‘earn’ straw to make Jesus’ crib more comfy.  Jesus (the doll!) will arrive after the Christams eve mass.  We’ll see how this goes!

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Zi turned five a couple of months ago.  He has suddenly grown up a lot.  He is an imaginative man who will play dress up games all day if he had the chance.  He can be quite shy and gets embarrassed easily, but that doesn’t put him off very often.  He would rather be creating his own imaginary world, than doing what I want him to do sometimes!  I can’t wait until he can read better as I think he will lose himself in the pages of books often.  He already devours pictures as if he is projecting himself into them and absorbing all they can offer!  He loves swords and knights, but will also be found roaming the house in a tutu and practising ballet!  He is loving to draw at the moment and has discovered another medium for his imagination.  His drawings come with a very detailed story about the character!  He is enjoying kindy, though cannot wait to stay at home next year!  As he said to a friend recently, ‘I can’t wait to stay at home and play all day!’.  He started tee ball not long ago and loves it.  He took a while to learn the game and the things he had to do (eg. drop the bat and run!), but he managed to get through a whole game without eating his mitt out on the field this weekend! I can’t believe he is growing so fast and becoming such an independent and caring boy.

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Zeek is seven months!

Wow, I can’t believe how fast the last seven months has gone.  Zeek is an adorable, smiley, gorgeous bundle of pure joy.  He is caterpillar crawling everywhere, looking for me when I am out of the room.  Today he got stuck in our library whilst in search of his mama!  He has just started to pull himself up on furniture which has resulted in quite a few head bangs and tears!  He can babble dada, baba (his favourite) and someitmes mama (I have been concentrating on that one!!!).  He doesn’t give out ‘free’ smiles anymore, only to those he recognises.  Funnily, I’ve been told several times this weekend that he is the spitting image of me!!!  I cannot see it, maybe it’s the chubby face (and thighs!). He got his first tooth last week and he is still not keen on solids!  A beautiful soul through and through with a smile that can light up even the darkest moments!  We call it our ‘I love you’ smile and here it is!

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