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My 30th Reflections

I turned 30 this week.  I don’t feel 30, I don’t mind being 30, in fact I really like it!  I am sooo blessed.  I look back at my life thus far and feel as though I am royalty.  I was put on this earth and welcomed by a family who loved me and gave me everything they could (and still do!).  I was educated well, achieved well and met all my dreams and goals academically.  I have been blessed to be qualified in a profession that I still have a passion for and love practicing.

I have travelled quite extensively so far.  I went to Japan in 1995, to Bali, Singapore, Penang, Kuala Lumpar, to the Holy Land and Rome for World Youth Day 2000, then to Greece, Italy and London.  We have recently done a trip accross Australia for WYD 2008 and got to see snow and so much of our amazing country.  So much of what I bring to parenting has been influenced by my travel experiences.

I am so blessed to be married to a terrific faith filled husband who loves me so unconditionally and in whom I see God’s light shine so brightly.  I have five amazingly gorgeous children who I get to spend my days nurturing and loving and then have all that given back to me ten fold.  I have three wonderful siblings who share in my joys and sorrows and are always there to support and love us.  I have a fabulous family of in laws who I can say that I am friends with and am so honoured to be able to call them family also.  I also have my grandparents on mum’s side still here and get to watch my children develop a relationship with their great grandparents. Amazingly blessed.

I have friends – people who love me, challenge me, support me – and they don’t have to, they have a choice!  I have friends that I have grown up with, who have seen me through adolesence, young adulthood and now into my thirties.  I have friends who I have grown in faith with, friends who have given me insights into parenting and have made me a better mother, friends I can count on to be there whenever and wherever and whatever it takes!  Amazingly blessed.

So when people ask if I’m upset or depressed to be thirty, how can I be? I look back at my first 30 years on earth and feel so priveledged so loved, so blessed.  Thank you God for putting all these beautiful people in my life, help me to be a blessing to others also.


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Zi can read!!

Yay! Finally Zi can read, just shy of his ffith birthday.  He has been struggling with blending for a while, but I tried a smoother blending technique and there he goes!  He can read the first three readers from the Fitzroy readers range.  He showed off to Grandma and Grandad last night.  It was so nice seeing him so full of confidence and enthusiasm.  He is trying to ‘read’ everything including chapter books like big brother Eli.  The plan is to start Gubbs with blending pretty soon and so it’s great to get Zi off to a start.

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