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Day 39 – Home!!!!!!!

We had planned to camp at Norseman today, but we got there at 5pm and decided that instead of all the effort to set up camp, it would be easier to drive the 700+kms home!!!!  We had a lovely drive today and stopped to look at the coastline, blowholes and get souvenirs.  We got stopped about 10kms east of Madura by a random breathaliser test! In the middle of the Nullarbor!  Once we had decided to continue on home, we went to Coolgardie for dinner and we just bought some pies and chips from the servo.  The kids had a big play on the park there and Eli and Zi climbed the ‘rock’ wall independantly.  We took some last photos, boguht a new fary tales CD from the servo and drove home.  We arrived home at 2am on Day 40.  We were shocked at how our area had changed while we were gone.  Even our bin day had changed!  We saw about ten kangaroos about 10 kms from home.  We hadn’t seen any that whole day, except when we were so close to home!  It was lovely to sleep in our own beds.  The kids ran aorund the house.  Jordy found her dollies and her pram and pushed it around and then wouldn’t go to bed, but kept sneaking out to push it!  We were so blessed to have a such an amazing journey and have come back changed, changed in ourselves and as a family just as real pilgrims should be.

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Day 38 – Ceduna to just past Eucla

We drove and drove and drove today. We left very early about 7:30am. We stopped for lunch at the head of the bight.  It was amazing to see the bight at this time of year.  there were about 60 or 70 whales and their calves in the nursery waters.  The boardwalk went right up to the whales and you could see them so clearly.  We had the binoculars and the details was amazing.  You could see them playing and their tales and flippers coming out of the water.  We spent ages looking at them and I could have watched them all day.  We met some Perth people who recognised our name on our trailer and who were also Catholic.  We then continued our journey across the Nullarbor to the border where they had a good look for fruit and veg in our van and trailer.  we then stopped at Eucla and drove down to the telegraph station.  the kids had a lot of fun in the sand dunes there and brought half the beach into the car with them- not impressed!  We decided to camp about 30 kms out of Eucla in the bush which ws levely.  the boys collected firewood for a fire nd found various tools and a dead goanna in the process.  They had so muhc fun exploring and because it was all shrubs, they were easy to spot.  We had a BBQ and mash potatoes for dinner and then Derek lit the fire and we sat round it.  Much to Eli’s disappointment, we didn’t have any marshmallows.  We went to sleep in absiolute silence , a memory to be treasured.

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Day 37 – Port Augusta to Ceduna

We spent the day driving today.  Derek wanted to see the grnaite outcrops at Mt Widinna and so we stopped there for lunch.  We saw Turtle rock (which looked just like a big rock to me) and Derek took the kids up Australia’s second largest monlith, Mt Widinna.  They waved to me from the top and I was terrified just looking at them.  Good thing I didn’t go up wiht them!  As we were leaving, the car almost got bogged, but Derek managed to push us out before we got too deep -my hero!  We then continued to Ceduna and stayed in another cabin as it was quite late and derek and I were quite tired.

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Day 36 – Adelaide to Port Augusta

We woke up and packed today.  It always take us a while to get our things together and we pretty much packed and shopped and left at around 2pm.  I thought I’d better get some food for the rest of the journey home and stocked up quite well while derek took the kids to Maccas for lunch.  At Maccas, Eli was bullied by another boy who grabbed his face while on the play equipment.  Eli was really hurt both physically (you could see the scratch marks) and emotionally by this.  It made me reslise how great it is to be able to be right there , in a child’s social life, to guide and ‘talk through’ some of those really tough moments.  One of the benefits of homeschooling. C gave him an ice pack when we got back and that seemed to help ease both pains!

We said a sad goodbye to C and L and the chickens and the turtle adn started our journey back home.  we drove throguh Port Pirie and got to Port Augusta at 6pm.  We drove past the Church and decided to go to their 6:30pm mass so we booked in to our cabin (we wanted an early start) and drove straight to mass.  The kids particularly Jordy mucked wround during mass, but we couldn’t really blame them because they hadn’t had dinner and had driven about 450kms without a break!  Mass was lovely and some of the parishoners remembered us from before.  We had dinner afterwards, watched some of the olympics and went to bed.

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Day 35 – Monarto Zoo

Today we decided to visit Adelaide’s open Range zoo – Monarto. We drove through the beutiful Adelaide hills and through a town called Cuddly creek (and yes we had a cuddle!). We were able to get free entry as zoo members which was great!  It was a drizzly day and there was so much mud at the zoo. The car got dirtier at the zoo than it had the whole trip!  We took a bus ‘safari’ around the zoo to see the african animals.  We saw ostriches, orynxes, babrbary sheep (that looked very much like goats!), camels, griaffes, zebras, african painted dogs, cheetahs and lions. All the animals weren’t doing much but lying around.  We got to see a one week old giraffe which was cute.  we aslo saw the zebras chasing the giraffes – I always thought zebras were gentle and placid, but apparently they’re quite cantankerous.

We left Monarto and headed back to L’s house.  We met L and went to the markets for dinner.  The markets were amazing.  So muhc fresh food, lots of organic produce, and a variety of meats (crocodile, kangaroo, emu..).  We had roo curry for dinner with lassi which we all enjoyed.  Gubbs and Jordy bought a kookaburra each and L taught them the kookaburra song ‘on the electric wire’ version.  They sung it for the rest of the trip (thanks L!!!).  Derek bought a poncho thing for men which he really liked.  We went home and watched what was left of the olympic opening ceremony.  It brought back memories of watching the Sydeny Olympic opening ceremony when I was on my way bakc from WYD in Rome in 2000.  I was in Hong Kong and Derek was in Eygpt.

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Day 34 – Adelaide Zoo

We decided to head off to the zoo today. Adelaide zoo was’t very big, but we saw lots of interesting animals.  I got to see a big hippo for the first time!  We also saw a lyrebrid (Zi found this one very ineeresting), mongoose and flamingos.  The flamingoes arrived in the zoo in the 1930’s and are very old.  They won’t be able to replace them either because of the importing laws for birds.  They are getting a giant panda in 2009 – I’d love to see that!  They had a really nice children’s zoo which was like a petting farm where the kids could feed the animals.  I really liked that concept, aparantly it’s been there since the zoo opened.  there were no elephants in Adelaide which I fund quite odd.  We watched the sea lions being fed which was interesting.  They also had a good range of Australian animals that were really active.  we saw a koala, a wombat, an echidna and a tasmanian devil all moving around.

I made cabonara for dinner that evening so we stopped in at the shops after the zoo and then went straight home to L’s house.  We went back to Harbour town quickly that evening to finish off the rounds and I bought Jordy a gorgeous jacket from PP and L bought a lovely dress.  the ladies at the dress shop interrogated me about our trip and the kids etc.  They were lovely but actually stopped me from browsing as they were talking so much!

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Day 33 – Visiting Relatives

We took our first morning in Adelaide pretty easy and enjoyed L’s company.  We had to go for lunch with Derk’s aunty and uncle and left at about midday to get there.  we had a very formal lunch.  I had forgotten to prepare the kids for it and so it was a bit stressful.  We really enjoyed it though and it was lovely spending time with family.  derek’s mum had sent us a parcel there and the kids were delighted to get there own letters and freddo frogs from Grandma.  Eli and Zi weren’t particularly well with colds and were still quite tired.  We left there and were close the Glenelg and so decided to take a drive around.   We discovered the Harbour Town there and went for a browse until they shut which wasn’t very long.  It was freezing and so we headed back to L’s house for dinner which was moroccan chicken with cous cous. Yum! Derek stayed up and watched soem fo a video and I crashed with Zeek in bed with me.

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