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The World Youth Cross and Icon arrived in Perth at the beginning of the week. We had the opportunity to touch and venerate it at Whitfords last night. The night was not without its dramas however as the cross arrived from Woodvale quite a bit later than expected. It also rained a bit on the procession from Pinneroo Cemetry to the Church. When we got to the church, they let off some confetti firework things which happened to contain strips of festive aluminium. The wind blew these strips straight at the power lines and hence we got a real fireworks display from the lines. It took the crowd a little while to figure out that the sparks were not real fireworks!! The incident also cut the power in the surrounding grid and from the church. Mass by candlelight was nice though until I had to change a nappy by the light of a glow stick! The kids were kept occupied through all these new experiences. We are extremely excited about WYD – six weeks to go.

The boys really enjoyed touching and praying before the cross. I think all this talk about WYD is starting to sink in. Jordy kept saying ‘Jordy want to touch the cross’ – very cute. She also keeps singing ‘Gloria in excelsis deo’ at the top of her lungs during mass. The boys sensed an reverence for the cross and icon that I hope will aid us in preparing for WYD. We have to watch the videos from Rome 2000 so that they can have some kind of idea of the enormity of this event. We are hoping to be with the cross and icon again when it comes back from Kalgoorlie.

The kids with their raincoats on listening to the music.

The cross displayed in the church

The Icon


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Yay. After months and months of deliberation we have got our new car! We love it and can’t wait to drive over to Sydney it in for World Youth Day. The kids love the power windows and the cup holders. The next step for our trip is to get a trailer.

The windows have been tinted and we had a nudge and tow bar put on. Just about geared up for our trip…

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